Traipsing to one open-for-inspection after another is no way to spend a weekend. But for many first homebuyers, it’s a case of over-inspecting and under-researching.

Here are five ways to ensure you’re only checking out the houses that tick all your boxes.

It could save...

You really want a property and are keen to put in an offer but where do you start? No one wants to pay more for a house than the market value, so how do you get the best deal? What is the magic figure to start the negotiation process?

Making an offer on a property...

July 21, 2016

There are plenty of reasons to love studio apartments and by using some clever tricks to make them seem bigger, it’s possible to love them even more.

The magic of mirrors

Mirrors are decidedly on trend now and the general feeling is the bigger, the better. Real estate st...

July 4, 2016

Renovating your home can be extremely expensive and often unaffordable for the average Australian homeowner.

Whether you have an overall budget of $5,000 or a budget of $5,000 every few years, here are a few home improvements you can make.


We spend about a third o...

June 3, 2016

Serious buyers are always looking for the right property, even in the cooler months of the year.

Here are some specific considerations to keep in mind if you’re looking to sell your home this winter.


Winter days can be overcast, so you need to make sure that you ma...

February 24, 2016


This information is designed to help you understand the different selling methods adopted by Realmark, and other real estate agents in Perth.

Fixed Price

  • As the name suggests, this selling method sets a fixed price on a property.

  • Prospective buyers place offers...

When preparing a property for sale, and considering a home staging service, there are two key things to contemplate. How much time can you dedicate to the project, and how much money are you prepared to spend?

Preparing a home for sale can be a daunting task. From gener...

So you’re teetering on the edge of a decision to sell your property. Have you asked yourself why you actually want to sell or closely examined your motivations? And what are the concrete reasons you should actually sell your property?

Here are the top 5 reasons to sell...

December 1, 2015

The lucky winner of our Moët and Chandon Case Competition - we hope you enjoy the lovely Champagne!

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November 30, 2015

This year we have had some of the biggest success' in the Perth Property Market with a 90% clearance rate whilst reaping exceptional results for our clients. In fact, we sold the most expensive property under the hammer this calendar year to date! ($6.125M).



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