Press that impresses


Thank you for the opportunity to present you with our proposal to sell your properties at 3 Brindley Street. We are excited to share with you our plans for a successful campaign. Your proposal is carefully considered and highly customized. We have outlined the important details about your property and similar sales in the area to help to form an opinion about sales value. We have also provided you with case studies to demonstrate the potential return on investment by implementing our sales strategy and a timeline to work towards.

We respect that this is your property, so we are open to any suggestions that you may have in relation to the sales campaign. 

We hope you enjoy reviewing our proposal as much as we did preparing it for you.

Lachlan Sinclair 

Sales Executive




We understand that every property boasts individual characteristics and that every seller has individual requirements.


So every Realmark client can be assured of an individual, tailored marketing strategy.


And as our graph here shows, when a property first hits the market, the peak of buyer interest is created within the first 28 days on market, which rapidly declines thereafter. Working with you, we apply a selling method, pricing strategy and a tailored marketing plan for you to capitalise on this burst of interest effectively engaging with more buyers, putting them in competition and creating an emotional connection which ultimately delivers a premium result.


Our selling choices include;

  • Traditional For Sale

  • Auction

  • Set Date Sale


43 Palm Beach road is an exceptionally desirable property in a beautiful beach side location. We are grateful at the opportunity to present to your our proposal and we would love the opportunity to partner with you on this journey. We have outlined below our sales strategy, timeline and associated costs. We are confident in helping you to find the right buyer and believe that the investment we have outlined below will yield you a high return, as we have demonstrated with similar case studies above.



We believe that the most effective method for optimizing the sale price of your property is via an Auction campaign. We will require an exclusive agency agreement from acceptance of this proposal for a period of 60 days.


$2,000,000 - $2,200,000



A Marketing Calendar will be provided that will detail the activities that will take place through the process of the campaign. Please see examples of marketing material attached.  Below is a recommendation of the marketing options I’d employ to ensure we capture 100% of the buyers. It is also important to remember that this campaign involves selling three properties so we have to generate enough interest to sell all three not just the one we are promoting.



Lachlan doesn’t just sell your home, he has a passion for your home. While many agents come to the industry later in life from various backgrounds and careers, Lachlan began taking the appropriate steps early to be the best real estate professional possible. Having been immersed in the world of Perth property sales for years, he has decades of industry knowledge as part of his pedigree.


Lachlan has been surrounded by successful agents for most of his life, so it was only natural that he would go on to study a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Property Development & Valuation. Working in hospitality and the family real estate business while he studied allowed him to further hone his communication and customer service skills, preparing him for the successful career that was to come.


Upon graduation, Lachlan hit the ground running and began performing for his clients at an impeccably high standard, typically selling a listing in half the time of most WA agents at an average of 28 days on the market whilst being awarded the 2017 Realmark Rising Star award.


With a fresh and progressive approach Lachlan has been commended by many of his clients for his high level of energy, reliability, knowledge and professionalism. His industry-leading marketing strategies and dedication to his clientele have led to hundreds of successful sales and satisfied sellers in Perth. Backed by a team of seasoned property professionals, Lachlan ensures a high level of communication, efficiency and insight throughout the entire sales process.


A real estate upbringing, coupled with varied experience, a specialised university education and a fresh, energetic approach to the industry makes Lachlan Sinclair a highly strategic option and an unstoppable force during the sale of your home.


Excellent result with Lachlan's very professional approach and involvement.

From the onset, Lachlan Sinclair picked up on our renovation process and paid a visit to offer his service months before we were ready and then kept a dialogue and visit regime during that time. He was always proactive and gave excellent feedback on the market at the time and a comprehensive program he would apply when we were ready. During the selling period he was very active in that program keeping us informed and with relevant advice on what we could do to assist in presentation and liaising constantly when program events required attention. We can't express too highly how his approach and activity successfully found a buyer in the rather restricted range my property attracted. Most grateful and satisfied with the end result and the process undertaken.