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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide you with this proposal and I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.


Kind Regards,

Lachlan Sinclair



We’ve helped West Australians make the right move since 1989. Our goal then was to offer clients a better experience, and we’re still doing that today.

Trusting someone to partner with you and achieve the full potential of a sale is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to help you achieve the results you desire.


Our Best Move

Our business philosophy is aimed squarely at customer satisfaction, innovative marketing and real results. We’re ready to put our energy and inspiration into creating the best possible outcome for you.


One of the key things we deliver to make the whole process run smoothly is good communication. To us, that means telling you want you need to hear. Not what we think you want to hear so that we win the listing.


West Australian Property Experts

Our sincere commitment to putting clients first has seen us help tens of thousands of West Australians. As we’ve grown our network of offices around the State, we’ve continued to prove ourselves year after year with sales results and industry awards seen below.

While this recognition is a welcome endorsement of the hard work we’ve put in so far, we’re not about to rest on our laurels. We have an even tougher judge to impress. You. We judge ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, so they achieve sales success.


Australian Business Awards – Marketing Excellence
REIWA Awards for Excellence – Medium Residential Agency of the Year REIWA Awards for Excellence – Community Service Award


REIWA Awards for Excellence – Hall of Fame
REIWA Awards for Excellence – Kevin Sullivan Memorial Award


Australian Business Awards – Marketing Excellence Australian Business Awards – Human Resources Excellence


BRW Top 50 Innovative Companies Australia
REIWA Awards for Excellence – Innovation Excellence Australian Business Awards – Marketing Excellence

Lachlan doesn’t just sell your home, he has a passion for your home. While many agents come to the industry later in life from various backgrounds and careers, Lachlan began taking the appropriate steps early to be the best real estate professional possible. Having been immersed in the world of Perth property sales for years, he has decades of industry knowledge as part of his pedigree.


Lachlan has been surrounded by successful agents for most of his life, so it was only natural that he would go on to study a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Property Development & Valuation. Working in hospitality and the family real estate business while he studied allowed him to further hone his communication and customer service skills, preparing him for the successful career that was to come.

Upon graduation, Lachlan hit the ground running and began performing for his clients at an impeccably high standard, typically selling a listing in half the time of most WA agents whilst being nominated by REIWA and Realmark as a Rising Star.

With a fresh and progressive approach Lachlan has been commended by many of his clients for his high level of energy, reliability, knowledge and professionalism. His industry-leading marketing strategies and dedication to his clientele have led to hundreds of successful sales and satisfied sellers in Perth. Backed by a team of seasoned property professionals, Lachlan ensures a high level of communication, efficiency and insight throughout the entire sales process.

A real estate upbringing, coupled with varied experience, a specialised university education and a fresh, energetic approach to the industry makes Lachlan Sinclair a highly strategic option and an unstoppable force during the sale of your home.



“It is my immense pleasure to recommend Lachlan Sinclair as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. I was in the process of moving from Perth to Brisbane and found Lachlan to be understanding and knowledgeable of my situation and how to proceed going forward. During my initial meeting with Lachlan, he took concise and abundant notes regarding my needs and wants, and more importantly, details about the area to help sell the property. Lachlan was open and honest about the current real estate market in Perth from the beginning and throughout the entire marketing process. He did not waste my time about what prices I could get for the house; he knew what price I could advertise that would attract buyers in order to get a quick sale, for the best price. He is the expert after all! Lachlan is brilliant with contract negotiations; he was extremely professional during the negotiation process all the while ensuring me, and the buyers, happiness. One of the best traits about Lachlan is his high level of communication. I felt as if I was his only customer, although I know that was far from the case. He returned all my calls, messages and emails that very day, never once making me feel unimportant, and maintained contact even after contracts were signed. Lachlan is an absolute people person, highly professional and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a real estate agent to anyone”

Ky Nichol


"Lachlan, what can we say, from the time we agreed to use you as our agent, you took the worry and indecision out of our hands. You were innovative with the way you presented out property and my husband was blown away with the technology used. We were so excited as we were carried along for the journey. You constantly kept us informed as to what was happening and at all times was there at the end of the phone or by email. Nothing appeared too much trouble and with your enthusiasm, professionalism and presentation of the property we reached our goal, SOLD! Thank you again, you worked so well on our property and we would have no hesitation in recommending you to other sellers"

Colin & Judy C


"Lachlan became known to me after noticing that my house had been on the market for many months and had not sold. There had been very little interest despite good presentation. After initial discussion's Lachlan presented a highly professional approach citing past sales and expertise in the area, how best to market the house and what I could expect to realistically achieve. At all times Lachlan was honest, courteous, highly professional and available. He took the time to listen and understand my concerns and documented everything so there was no misunderstanding. His insightful assistance in suggesting a new strategy led to the sale of the house within three weeks of going back on the market. I have no hesitation in recommending Lachlan to you. He is an enthusiastic young man whose professionalism was outstanding and his personal presentation of the highest standard. He has one of the most solid and impressive understandings of the real estate industry I have witnessed and have no hesitation in recommending him to others”

Nannette M

“From the onset, Lachlan Sinclair picked up on our renovation process and paid a visit to offer his service months before we were ready and then kept a dialogue and visit regime during that time. He was always proactive and gave excellent feedback on the market at the time and a comprehensive program he would apply when we were ready. During the selling period he was very active in that program keeping us informed and with relevant advice on what we could do to assist in presentation and liaising constantly when program events required attention. We can't express too highly how his approach and activity successfully found a buyer in the rather restricted range my property attracted. Most grateful and satisfied with the end result and the process undertaken”

Peter & Kathy M


Every property boasts individual characteristics and every seller has individual requirements.

So every Realmark client can be assured of an individual, tailored strategy.

As our graph here shows, when a property first hits the market, the most amount of interest is received within the first 28 days on market, which rapidly declines thereafter. Working with you, we apply a selling method, pricing strategy and a tailored marketing plan for you to capitalise on this burst of interest to engage with more buyers, putting them in competition, creating an emotional connection which ultimately delivers a premium result.


Our selling choices include;

  • Traditional For Sale

  • Auction

  • Set Date Sale


Some clients prefer to sell their property through the traditional ‘for sale’ method. And we agree that, for certain situations, the traditional way can still be the best way. As much as others try to make the sales process seem like a science, we believe it’s more of an art, with interpersonal negotiating skills making a real difference. The key to a traditional sale is setting the right selling price for the property.


We have sophisticated systems and data to support pricing decisions, but interpreting the feel of the market and setting a price that creates interest without underselling is where we offer vital insights. Once we receive an offer on your property, the most important part of our job begins. There may be conditions. There may be counter offers. Skilled negotiation is crucial. When this process is performed well, it produces a better result for you and often a happier buyer, too.


When working with a fixed price it can present challenges due to the different types of buyers that we meet. We may come across an analytical buyer who will break down the land value, the cost of building and take some depreciation into consideration. We may work with a buyer who is very well informed and researched comparing the property to others in the marketplace, or we may be working with a buyer who is so emotionally involved with the lifestyle offering that they may pay a premium (which is what we ultimately want). So how can we realistically place a value on a property when working with so many different types of buyers who have different measures of value? 


Auction presents a great opportunity for sellers to stand out from the pack and have maximum control over the selling process. The advantage of an auction over a traditional sale is buyers compete to secure your property, in a real-time public selling event. 


The major benefit of auctioning your property means it is marketed for a fixed 28-day period of time, followed by the auction day itself. This means potential buyers know they only have a defined period of time in which to be able to buy the property putting them in a competitive environment with other buyers. 


You, as the Seller, are in control of the selling price as well as knowing you will have an unconditional sale with a quicker and defined settlement date. Your selling days on market are usually half those of private treaty sales. During the auction campaign your property receives the maximum amount of exposure to the highest number of potential buyer in the shortest time frame.


The excitement and sport of the auction plays with the competitive nature of buyers and creates high emotional engagement and the potential for results to exceed expectations. Another key benefit is that bids at an auction must be unconditional. This means only qualified buyers with their finances in order will participate and there’s a set settlement date. It also allows us the opportunity to sell the property at three different stages: before the auction (if desired), on the day and under the hammer or after the auction to a party who could not bid under the auction conditions. 


We're highly experienced in staging successful auctions. We work with you to run a highly effective marketing campaign right up to auction day. Over the past quarter to date, I've has had a clearance rate of 87% on Auction day with 93% selling within 2 weeks after Auction.



We introduced the Set Date Sale (SDS) concept to WA and we are the SDS specialists. It has many of the advantages of the auction process married with the flexibility of a traditional sale. The way a Set Date Sale works is simple. After launching a marketing campaign to attract buyer interest, the property is then marketed without a specified price, for sale in 28 days. 


Unlike a traditional sale, where buyers may offer lower than the asking price, Set Date Sale buyers are in a competitive situation so they make their best offer. The buyers must submit their offers within a defined deadline, which makes the process both dynamic and competitive. All offers are presented to the seller to ultimately decide which suits best and we open the property up to all buying demographics by considering both conditional and unconditional buyers.  Sellers clearly find out what the market is willing to offer. Because there’s a set date, the property doesn’t linger on the market for months on end. It is an effective and fair process that can often exceed expectations.


Due to current market conditions we have been recommending both the Auction or Set Date Sale methods of selling method to our clients. The concentration of 100% of the current buying audience needs to be choraled and put into competition to create an emotional connection and achieve the premium price you desire. If either of these methodologies are not employed you run the risk of not only having the property sit on the market for an extended period of time by being overpriced, but also run the risk of underselling the property.


I can guarantee you will generate the best price the market is willing to pay for your property by utilising either of these strategies. 


Press advertisements are a very important part of the sales process, so we put a lot of energy into creating advertisements that not only stand out, they showcase your property it its best light. We also make our ads very easy for potential buyers to read and jump to the information they seek quickly.


Realmark is acknowledged as a leader in electronic media marketing. We fully understand the power and effectiveness of property portals, video, database alerts and online magazines. Research indicates that effective online marketing combined with press, signage and direct mail, will provide the best exposure of your property aimed at the right target audience.

Realmark’s signs have been carefully designed to grab lots of attention from passing buyers. Our innovative double side pillars and single sided skyscrapers will deliver the unique features of your property with maximum impact. We keep the information short and sharp, giving potential buyers a reason to call so we can then continue the communication with them.



Just like press advertising, we craft our direct marketing to showcasing you property in its best light. This combination of engaging text and professional imagery also helps to focus a potential buyer’s appreciation of your property at home opens. Plus we provide the market intelligence to reach the target audience in an cost-effective manner.



As discussed, marketing needs to be viewed as an investment in this process. It is an investment in the profits reaped by the sale of the property by ensuring we exhaust 100% of the potential buying pool by finding every possible buyer. Marketing is essentially an insurance policy to assure we do not undersell the property. 


A small investment initially has the potential to generate 10’s of thousands of dollars over a poor campaign as finding the emotional buyer is critical as seen above in the case studies. It’s critical that all of your media, both your online and offline marketing outlets are inline. This is because the way we present the property in the media influences the perceived value buyers have of the property. 


Getting everything consistent ensures buyers know they are dealing with a topnotch property that requires a serious offer. Did you know that buyers who come from the Internet have different behaviours and expectations – and value – to buyers who come from print? The Internet delivers the majority of enquiries. But it does not deliver 100% of the enquiries. Many people mistakenly believe that because online is completely measurable, it is a complete package. But measurability is not a guarantee of effectiveness. Nor is it a guarantee that it is the only effective channel. 


The truth is that buyers come from various sources. And so while we know where nearly 100% of the buyers come from, what we don’t know is where the best buyer will come from. Furthermore, not every buyer is equal. Some buyers are more valuable than others. There are analytical buyers, called Internet Intellect Buyers, who sit on websites for many months and will only buy a property rationally when the price is right. This buyer is nice to have but not as valuable to a vendor as the Emotional Buyer who opens up their local paper, sees a home that they fall madly in love with and purchases it the following weekend by paying an emotional premium price.



Firstly, what has to be understood is that it’s the process, not the promise of a price that will get your property sold for top dollar. We can spend hours talking between ourselves but the main conversation I’d like to have about price is with the person who is going to be the new owner of your property.


The problem we are faced with is that price is deemed to be the most volatile factor of any negotiation between a buyer and a seller and any agent who puts a price on a property is doing their vendor an injustice. An agent is there to bring the market to the property, not tell you what it’s worth, as who are they to do so if they aren't the buyer? It is all good and well to compare similar properties to obtain an indication, but no one can guarantee a price until the marketplace has been exhausted of buyers. The moment a price is placed on a property is it either too high, potentially scaring buyers away and getting no one through the door or being too low and potentially underselling one of your largest investments. Therefore, if the barrier of price is taken away, the property is opened up to the market and feedback is gauged as to where market value for the property resides.


I have attached a Comparable Market Analysis of similar properties that have sold recently or are currently on the market. These comparable would indicate a price range in the late $1m’s. Selling the property through the recommended process will help us to maximise the sale and achieve the highest price the market is willing to pay currently.



We know what the other agent charges, they know what we charge, everyone knows what everyone charges, and as the other agent’s know what we charge, ask yourself this, if they know what we charge why do you think they’re coming in lower, why do you think they’re coming in cheaper, is there a possibility that if they know they can’t compete with us on service, results and our industry leading strategies and marketing, they’ll try and compete with us on price? We don’t use fee as a competitive advantage because we don’t have to. I’m pleased to tell you until you’re happy with the figure that you’re going to get, you won’t be paying us a single cent. Today the only decision you have to make is who do you want the agent to be that is having the final discussion with the buyer that buys your property.


Using a deadline approach campaign such as the Auction or Set Date Sale methodology is a highly concentrated process requiring excessive levels of involvement due to the short duration of the process, demanding an elaborate amount of time & commitment. Two agents, both my assistant and myself, will be at your disposal throughout the campaign for anything you may require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We provide the most premium service available in the Perth residential market, which, if employed will achieve the greatest results that the current market place has to offer.


Please see the proposed selling fees below:

  • 2.20% inclusive of GST*


*If you were to advertise in the paper, I am willing to take the cost of 1 full page ($2200) off of my commission once we sell it.