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How to: Make a studio apartment feel bigger

There are plenty of reasons to love studio apartments and by using some clever tricks to make them seem bigger, it’s possible to love them even more.

The magic of mirrors

Mirrors are decidedly on trend now and the general feeling is the bigger, the better. Real estate stylist Sara James says mirrors and glass surfaces are a must-have in small spaces.“They are the two most effective tools when styling a small space.”

“Mirrors reflect to create the illusion of more space and transparent surfaces,such as glass-topped dining and coffee tables don’t bulk up rooms,” she says.

Consider replacing hanging artworks with mirrors and solid wardrobe doors with sliding mirror doors. Challenge conventional styling where mirrors are only placed in bedrooms and bring them into the living areas, James recommends.

A mirror strategically placed near a balcony or large window can bring the skyline into a room, immediately making it seem more open.

Keep it light

Forget dark, heavy colours and think light, neutral tones.“Crisp, white paint always feels welcoming,” James says.

Bright colours can be cheery, but James advises against oranges and reds, which can really close in a room.

In addition to adding texture, feature walls can also give a cozy room an extra dimension of depth. Choose a feature colour from a light and bright palette.

Built-in cabinets

Cabinets that are tailor-made to suit your space will always trump store-bought furniture. These cabinets make the most of every nook and cranny while providing optimum storage.

This also means your things are stored out of sight in seamless style.

Hiring a cabinet-maker is not always the most cost-effective option, you can also try looking for sleek, slim-lined freestanding furniture. Always be sure of your measurements to avoid cramming in unwieldy furniture.

Bring the outside inside

A nifty way to create an airy, fresh look in any studio apartment is with indoor plants.

Succulents are popular and low-maintenance.

“Indoor plants have a softening effect, they bring the outside in and plants live longer than flowers.”

“Greenery can bring a whole different aspect to apartment living,” James says.

When selecting your plants, pay attention to how tall and wide they will reach at maturity to ensure they don’t outgrow your space.

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